Advanced technologies

Outsourcing of information processing and electronic document management

The service in the basic version involves placing servers ModIS-Bank and EDS server into a production network outsourcing, maintenance and administration of servers manufactured outsourcer. Other options are distinguished by the fact that some part of the central services of the functional subsystems, together with the relevant databases housed on servers and operates a production network of the bank. The experience of the service shows that it is the basic version provides a significant savings bank resources and the outsourcer, mainly by reducing capital investment and operational costs. Significantly increases the efficiency of the bank staff.

As an example, in ModIS-Bank system maintenance operations on lending to individuals is carried out using EDS DF, as it allows you to convert to paperless document management technology (document signed by the borrower or counterparty of the bank). With ModIS-Cash subsystem connected to the SED FIU, SSIS and other systems, the bank can offer customers a package of retail banking on the principle of "single window", which is the most preferred embodiment of the service, especially for bank units with a small number of staff. If customer service in the bank repayment of credit debt can be made in the currency of the credit or in any other currency with simultaneous registration of currency exchange operations, operations are available for receiving payments to bank counterparties, other operations. Terminal version ModIS-Cash subsystem allows us to serve all of the bank's operations with a minimum of traffic exchange on a single central server complex, including operations with plastic cards and transactions requiring fiscalization (foreign exchange, etc.). In ModIS-Bank system using SSIS and EDS FIU can be processed by any public payments to organizations and individuals:
- Quenching their outstanding loans or other bank;
- The completion of its deposit or other bank;
- Issuance of cash, including loans;
- Subscriptions and other recurring payments;
- One-time payment to the beneficiary (natural or legal person);
- Tax payments;
- customs duties;
- Utilities (including on the counter);
- Payments for communication services and data transmission;
-The subscription to periodicals;
- Payment vouchers, tickets and other services or property;
- Payments to internet shops, agencies and other entities.

The paper is organized in real-time, the relevance of the data provided in accordance with the processed documents:

- Invoice (invoices, claims and others);
- Payments made, including with partial payment;
- Chargebacks (the amount not subject to the transfer);
- Summary data on the recipients for the billing period;
- Validated data produced by monetary calculation.

Provides centralized accounting documents received from all divisions of the bank. Documents are automatically processed in accordance with the rules and stored in the archive electronic documents within the prescribed period the legislation:

- Documents on payments of clients;
- Registers of information sharing with recipients of funds under the rules;
- Application to the tender documents of the bank.

Reducing the costs of bank paperwork provided by the rational organization of the document:

- Centralized monitoring of data;
- An exception to re-enter information;
- Exclusion of unauthorized access to data;
- Reduction of time for searching and processing of the document;
- Archiving of electronic documents.