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Idea Bank

"Idea Bank" is one of the leading Belarusian banks operating in the market since 2004. Idea Bank is a member of the largest Eastern European financial holding Getin Holding, which has extensive experience in the banking and insurance services, financial consulting market. Under the brand name «Idea Bank» banks operate in Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.


"Incom Interservice" - the leasing company that best meets the needs of small and medium business in the Republic of Belarus on the market with this type of activity since 2012


"Publisher" Belblankavyd "" known to many business entities, as the market blanks, they occupy a dominant position for 80 years. In "Publisher" Belbankavyd "" created its own distribution network, consisting of 106 sales outlets in all regional and many district centers.


"Evrotorginvestbank" - one of the fastest growing banks in the Republic of Belarus, which purposefully develops modern banking technologies, has a stable resource base and is able to quickly solve your most pressing financial issues.


Priority "Fransabank" professional and diligent work with clients at the highest level, providing first-class service in the banking and financial sector, and will do everything to facilitate the attraction of international and private Arab capital to Belarus.

RRB Bank

RRB-Bank - a modern bank with a European capital, the priority is to meet the needs of the economically active population and businesses in the banking and services, contributing to the realization of the aspirations of the customers and improve their financial comfort.