Advanced technologies


The main activities of "MODIS-M 'is the development, implementation and support of specialized software, as well as the provision of outsourcing services to the users of software products.

Currently, such specialized information, accounting and analytical systems are developed and delivered in banking institutions, financial and trade organizations.

In the development and implementation of a software product performed:

- survey of business processes of the client,
- study of regulatory documentation, including concomitant,
- analysis and the creation of an optimal model of the project,
- the development of manuals,
- operational testing with the involvement of the customer.

As experience shows, any specialized software requires constant improvements and updates due to changes in regulatory and accounting policies, as well as gradually applying accounting to European standards. The company specialists possess subject domain user tasks, conduct ongoing monitoring of legislation, ensure compliance with the requirements of the software updated.

To ensure that all activities of the company are organized and operate the following departments:

- department of analysis and setting goals
- service department
- department of maintenance of application systems

The main feature of the production process in the company is that the resulting software should not only functional (operational) capabilities listed in the user requirements, but also comply with certain government agencies (Ministry of Taxation, the State Control Committee, and others).

If necessary, our specialists carried out various seminars for customers, which are intended to advise the user as well as to discuss the new features of products, problems of optimal use of technical and other capabilities of the client.